Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What are the Different Types of Webbing Used for Upholstery?

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Webbing forms an important part of the upholstery process and is the foundation of a good upholstery job.

But, exactly what is it?

Made from a strong fabric that is woven as a flat strip with varying widths and fibres, webbing is used in couches and chairs as a flexible base for the seating area.

To ensure an optimum finish, the spacing of the webbing needs to be suitable for the type of chair you’re upholstering and the type of webbing you’re using, and it needs to be extremely resilient and long-lasting.  

Different types of webbing usually attest to the era the chair was made, but when it comes to modern day upholstery, you have plenty of types to choose from!

Jute Webbing
Jute webbing has been around for hundreds of years and is often used for traditional upholstery projects. Jute webbing is usually applied to support a coil spring base. Applied using a webbing stretcher and staples or blue cut tacks, there are two weights of jute webbing to choose from. 

Elastic Webbing
Elastic webbing will create a firm seat, which is usually softer than one made using jute webbing. The webbing needs to be stretched to its maximum size, by hand, before it’s ready for use. It should also be applied in a criss-cross pattern (basket weave) and should be at least a four-stripe length when used for seating. Elastic webbing can be applied using staples, tacks or webbing clips.

Pirelli Webbing
This is a superior, rubberised type of webbing that is commonly used on mid century furniture. This type of webbing can only be used on furniture that has been built strong enough to withstand its strain. In some cases it can only be used one way (not crisscrossed), and should be applied using staples, tacks or webbing clips into routed channels.

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